Our Red Shoes

A Little Astrology/Astronomy Everything I'm hearing and reading tells me that the Pluto (The Destroyer, Forced Growth) - Saturn (Time, Structures) - Sun (Our Ego, Self) - Mercury (The Mind, Communication, Mental Faculties) conjunction (together in the sky) is a biggie in Capricorn (Structures, Foundations). The Pluto-Saturn conjunction only happens every 35 years, and it's... Continue Reading →

Thoughts and Progress

Meditation, astrology, food, creativity, and getting along in the world.

What If?

What if - The universe is one big fractal? Cells are fractals. Proteins are fractals. Plants are fractals. Galaxies are fractals. Brains (human) are fractals. What if we are living in a big fractal and trying to fit our straight lines and circles into it? Doesn't that mean we are trying to fit a circle... Continue Reading →

Inflammation, Diet, and Generosity

Inflammation and Diet If you've been reading this blog at all for the past few years, you know that I deal with several medical conditions. They all seem to be related to what and how I eat. As I've researched more and become more aware of what I'm doing on a daily basis as regards... Continue Reading →


Oh my! I was doing so well, too. We had a picnic on the Saturday after Labor Day. Lots of great food and fellowship. But there was a lot of sugary stuff, and I "had to" sample every bit of it! I barely had a bite of everything, but it was enough. My body had... Continue Reading →

Doc Results

I saw the Doc on Monday. he results were better than I expected, but still not very good. I have to consult with a Urologist about the kidney stones. My weight increased again. Blood pressure was very good, considering I was out of one of my pills for a couple of days. I'm not diabetic,... Continue Reading →

Disaster Relief and Preparedness

Gifting programs for Bermuda, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico Gulf Coast, USA Gulf Coast, USA Southeast Coast. What if we sent over 100W solar panel kits to these areas? Add the inverters, a deep cycle marine battery and the panels, and folks could run their fridges. Maybe not the AC, but food storage is... Continue Reading →


I went to the farmer's market yesterday, hoping to make a huge haul of cucumbers to make pickles. I was only able to get 7 smaller pickles and one quart of blueberries. There were plenty of vegetables available, just not enough $$ in my pocket. I forgot my wallet! I got the blueberries drying in... Continue Reading →

Finding My Way

Well, after another three days of H-E-double hockey sticks, I went to the Urgent Care today. I made an appointment and arranged a ride. I figured it would be a long visit, and it was. About 3 hours, total. That included getting a CT-Scan next door in the imaging lab. Found a small stone on... Continue Reading →

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