I Got Interviewed!

I received an email requesting an interview about author promotions from Tal Valente and accepted. At first, I expected to be "sold" a system or a class, but instead it was a real interview. It was for Re:Fiction Magazine. She asked how I did promotions, and what I thought worked for authors. She asked how... Continue Reading →

Wrote a Story

I wrote a story last week. It started with a seed I got maybe 2 years ago that kept coming back to me. It was one that I worked on a bit to build up my descriptive text and exposition, so I was familiar with it. Well, this thing wouldn't let me alone. I've had... Continue Reading →

Lovin’ the Library!

My local library lets me download e-books onto my electronic devices. I love it! I've been reading a series by author Jana DeLeon and purchasing the books as I could. However, funds are so tight, I'm stuck. Luckily, the Johnson City Public Library has the books available. I've read 2 in the series in the... Continue Reading →

What Was I Thinking??

Ay! I've been going nuts with projects! There are only so many hours in a day, after all! Writing - I joined a new writing group in Bristol, VA that I found on Meetup. I want to build my memoir and do some workshops to improve my writing. This group is new, small, and dedicated.... Continue Reading →

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