New Offering!

I occurred to me in a private forum that folks may need this type of assistance, so I'm offering it - Past Life Regression Guided Meditation Sessions. If you would be interested in such a session, use my contact form and leave your phone number. I will call you from my (423) area code and... Continue Reading →


We are all one. One people, one planet, one energy. Whatever we do to one is done to all. I went to a NaNoWriMo type-in on Saturday. I ended up preaching to my typewriter. By that, I mean that I kept writing a sermon that I didn't want to write. It wouldn't stop coming out.... Continue Reading →

New Version of Book In Review!

I successfully navigated the change to Barnes & Noble Press and the book "Spirit and Magic" is almost ready for pre-orders. I've set the date of release for January 17th. The price did not change, still $23.99. It should show up on Amazon in a week or so. The cover went from black to white,... Continue Reading →

Book Out of Print

I'm moving to a new printer for the book, "Spirit and Magic," so it's temporarily out of print. The revised and updated version of the book will be available in January. Please stand by, hold your credit card close, and look for it then. The price won't change, even though there are 16 more pages... Continue Reading →

Synchronicity and Coincidence

I just read an article in Parabola Magazine by Deepak Chopra, "Making God Necessary." It was an enlightening read. I recommend it. I've been reflecting on how certain people I've never met in a hand-shake kind of way are so important to my life. The internet has certainly made these introductions easier. And it seem... Continue Reading →

Great Season’s Ghost!

Happy Samhein! Yes, it's that time of year, when the veil is thin and spirits of the ancestors come to give their assistance and advice to all of us. We need to be open enough to hear them. How can we be open? Take a moment to center yourself in your chair as you read... Continue Reading →

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