New Version of Book In Review!

I successfully navigated the change to Barnes & Noble Press and the book "Spirit and Magic" is almost ready for pre-orders. I've set the date of release for January 17th. The price did not change, still $23.99. It should show up on Amazon in a week or so. The cover went from black to white,... Continue Reading →

New Connections

Have you ever wanted to schedule a reading with me but were afraid to ask? What about a counseling session for your cat? You know how intuitive I am when I read the cards for you. Well, this is your chance to get a LIVE 30 minute reading! I've found an online service that allows... Continue Reading →

Book Out of Print

I'm moving to a new printer for the book, "Spirit and Magic," so it's temporarily out of print. The revised and updated version of the book will be available in January. Please stand by, hold your credit card close, and look for it then. The price won't change, even though there are 16 more pages... Continue Reading →

Craft Fair

Just a note to let folks know I'll be doing a craft fair on 12/8 at Samadhi in Johnson City. I'll have copies of the "Spirit and Magic" book available for purchase. I'm selling beaded items and sharing the booth with a friend who will be selling some delightful ceramic items. I hope you come!... Continue Reading →

Great Season’s Ghost!

Happy Samhein! Yes, it's that time of year, when the veil is thin and spirits of the ancestors come to give their assistance and advice to all of us. We need to be open enough to hear them. How can we be open? Take a moment to center yourself in your chair as you read... Continue Reading →

Reading the Signs

I've been reading Tarot Cards for about 40 years. Maybe a little longer. Well, I read cards again today for several people at a "Gypsy Carnival" and had a blast! It was so fun to read for people I've never met and have positive feedback. I guess I'm pretty good at this. The Gypsy Carnival... Continue Reading →

What Was I Thinking??

Ay! I've been going nuts with projects! There are only so many hours in a day, after all! Writing - I joined a new writing group in Bristol, VA that I found on Meetup. I want to build my memoir and do some workshops to improve my writing. This group is new, small, and dedicated.... Continue Reading →

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