Upcoming Craft Fair!

I'm stringing beads and making earrings! Come get stocking stuffers and bigger items! Handcrafted ONLY! End of day raffle, too!   See You There!

Keeping Busy

I've been keeping busy and avoiding Facebook as much as possible. My mental health is better for it. I'm tired of the politics. I voted by Absentee Ballot around the middle of October. I did research on the "independent" candidates and made as informed a choice as I could. Sewing I've been working on this... Continue Reading →

Sewing Project Finished!

I've been working for about 2 months on Advent Calendars for a friend of mine. Here are the finished items: This was a project with a love/hate relationship! I liked the learning, but I hated it because there was so much I had to learn. I hate nylon thread. I hate bindings. I learned so... Continue Reading →

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