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Meditation, astrology, food, creativity, and getting along in the world.

Healing the Body

2019 was the year of food allergies for me. One of the things I had to drop over the new moon was clinging to unhealthy ways of eating and putting things in my body that caused inflammation.¬†Every time I turned around, I was sick again from what I ate. As a response, I made up... Continue Reading →

Happy Turkey Day 2019

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the U.S. Happy harvest meal to the rest of the northern latitudes. I've heard a few strange things about the holiday lately: everything from changing the name to it being racist. Whatever. It's a foodie dream, and that part's good. Eat hearty, celebrate being together, and be grateful for what... Continue Reading →

Inflammation, Diet, and Generosity

Inflammation and Diet If you've been reading this blog at all for the past few years, you know that I deal with several medical conditions. They all seem to be related to what and how I eat. As I've researched more and become more aware of what I'm doing on a daily basis as regards... Continue Reading →


Oh my! I was doing so well, too. We had a picnic on the Saturday after Labor Day. Lots of great food and fellowship. But there was a lot of sugary stuff, and I "had to" sample every bit of it! I barely had a bite of everything, but it was enough. My body had... Continue Reading →

Doc Results

I saw the Doc on Monday. he results were better than I expected, but still not very good. I have to consult with a Urologist about the kidney stones. My weight increased again. Blood pressure was very good, considering I was out of one of my pills for a couple of days. I'm not diabetic,... Continue Reading →


As you may have guessed, the pickles I made a couple weeks ago are kind of vinegary. I didn't dilute it enough. The flavor is otherwise pretty good! Veggie Haul I got to the Farmer's Market, and some friends shared their bounty, so I'm covered up with produce right now. I've frozen some strawberries.¬† I... Continue Reading →

New Recipe

I made a kind of pork and beans recipe. It's savory, a little spicy, and has a lot of flavor. What's more, it's pantry-friendly! This is a cheap meal, too, since it's based on beans. I think the whole thing could be produced for under $10, and it will serve a whole family with leftovers... Continue Reading →

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