Our Red Shoes

A Little Astrology/Astronomy Everything I'm hearing and reading tells me that the Pluto (The Destroyer, Forced Growth) - Saturn (Time, Structures) - Sun (Our Ego, Self) - Mercury (The Mind, Communication, Mental Faculties) conjunction (together in the sky) is a biggie in Capricorn (Structures, Foundations). The Pluto-Saturn conjunction only happens every 35 years, and it's... Continue Reading →

More Maintenance and New Year Wishes

The end of one year and the beginning of the next prompts businesses to take inventory and close the books on the year for financial accounting purposes. For online folks, it means updating policies and procedures, terms of service and other legal notices to comply with incoming law worldwide. It can be daunting. I've done... Continue Reading →

Finished One Book, Started Another

I finally finished "Children Into Swans" and found it fascinating. There are so many clues to pre-Christian spirituality in fairy tales! I urge you to check into this topic if you are looking for history that's been appropriated. What perked my interest toward the end was the depiction of the wise woman in the woods,... Continue Reading →


We are all one. One people, one planet, one energy. Whatever we do to one is done to all. I went to a NaNoWriMo type-in on Saturday. I ended up preaching to my typewriter. By that, I mean that I kept writing a sermon that I didn't want to write. It wouldn't stop coming out.... Continue Reading →


Chemotherapy, often associated with a terminal illness, such as cancer, is the practice of administering powerful chemicals to kill the diseased cells in the body. It often causes a lot of harm to the body in the process. I've just been through my own version of this, as "Chemical therapy" to overcome a recurring condition.... Continue Reading →

Scorpio New Moon/Mercury Retrograde

Well, a couple of updates for you... First, the website I volunteered to help with burned down. How can that happen? The owners of the site refused to pay hosting fees and the site kept being taken offline. If a company or business isn't willing to pay for the site hosting fees and keep a... Continue Reading →

What If?

What if - The universe is one big fractal? Cells are fractals. Proteins are fractals. Plants are fractals. Galaxies are fractals. Brains (human) are fractals. What if we are living in a big fractal and trying to fit our straight lines and circles into it? Doesn't that mean we are trying to fit a circle... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts

We are to sit or work or walk with grace. We are not to plan or ponder, only to wonder. We are here to rely on God, not ourselves. The simple mind of a child, relying on God as a parent and the infinite supplier of all is what we are here for. That's all.... Continue Reading →

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