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A Little Astrology/Astronomy

Everything I’m hearing and reading tells me that the Pluto (The Destroyer, Forced Growth) – Saturn (Time, Structures) – Sun (Our Ego, Self) – Mercury (The Mind, Communication, Mental Faculties) conjunction (together in the sky) is a biggie in Capricorn (Structures, Foundations). The Pluto-Saturn conjunction only happens every 35 years, and it’s not been since 1540 (correction – 1248) that it happened in Saturn’s home sign of Capricorn.

Astrochart for the evening leading into the full moon
January 10, 2020 at 20:20 ET USA

At the same time, Uranus (Sudden Change, The Unexpected) is stationing direct (meaning stopping all movement before it goes direct, moves forward) in Taurus (Methodical, Stubborn) and there’s a full moon (Emotions Running High, Challenges to Our Hidden Selves, Exposing Secrets) in Cancer (Home, Security).

In another part of the sky, Mars (Action, Energy) in Taurus (Methodical, Stubborn) trines Chiron (Wounded Healer) in Aries (Exuberance, Energy)  and shows us a way through these energies but Mars can over-react, causing war and discord. By trining Chiron, we can heal through these times by facing our shadow sides and healing the wounds, using the energy of Mars to move forward.

I haven’t mentioned Jupiter in Capricorn or Venus in Aquarius, yet! If you want more information, believe me, it’s out there. Every planet is in play right now. I’m not an astrologer, but I understand a lot of it.

Everything is activated by the recent sojourn of our solar system over the Galactic Center (Pull to Growth) in Saggitarius (Expansion) last December around the New Moon.

Then, this conjunction and Full moon are happening on the North and South Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer. Nodes are a mathematical point in the sky that indicates the “equator” or path of the moon around the earth when compared to the earth’s path around the sun. The conjunction of planets is happening on the South Node, which is Karma or what we need to let go of, and the Full Moon is on the North Node which is our Future or what we are growing toward. There will be a partial lunar eclipse because the earth will partially obscure the light from the sun shining on the full moon, which is indicated by the fact that the Sun and Moon are so close to the Nodes.

On TOP of all this, there are changes in the Schumann Resonance, with higher frequencies showing up (at the bottom of the chart) AND extra-solar-system energies and particles getting through our magnetosphere to our planet, causing massive growth and change to Gaia, and many of her residents.

Lots going on in the sky! The more I think about all this, the more I think this is a special, pre-determined and fated time we are living through.

I’m Overwhelmed.

I’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping, and my diet is a mess. My ears are constantly ringing. One day I took a double-dose of meds because I didn’t know what day it was. I’ve missed appointments, barely made it where I needed to be, and kept to myself a lot.

This isn’t like me.

I’m not like me right now. I’m off in La-La Land or something. My head isn’t paying attention and my body is running amuck.

  • I had a cold for about 6 hours one day, and then it was gone. Yes, 6 hours! I’ve never cleared a cold that fast! I mean really —  bleary-eyed, sneezing, fever, scratchy throat and snotty-nosed. And it was gone in 6 hours. Gone! No fever, nose clear, throat felt fine, no sneezing, and I felt perfectly normal and healthy.
  • I completely missed an appointment. Not only did I write it down wrong, it didn’t post to my phone-calendar, either. When the day came, it was the day that I didn’t know what day it was, and I didn’t get there. I showed up 3 days later. Yes – 3 days later.
  • My diet is a mess. I’m either eating whatever I can get my hands on or not eating at all. For several days it’s been like this.
    • Right now, I’m on a sausage patty and fried egg kick. That’s all I want. I’ve been through about a dozen eggs and a pound of breakfast sausage in the past 4 days.
    • Snacks are worse! Chips, candy (I hate sweets!), soda pop (I never drink it!). I’m out of olives and cheese, and only have pickles in stock at this point.
    • I made a tuna salad with the last can of tuna a little bit ago. I’ll obviously need to go shopping soon, but this is really something!

In the midst of all this, I got my laundry done. I don’t know how I did it, but I was able to do that. So, I have clean clothes, at least. I’ve also been able to keep the trash taken out. I need to do the litter box for Kitty, but that’s easy.

Speaking of Kitty

Kitty has been super-snuggly! On my lap more than off it. And she’s been purring up a storm, wanting scratches and cuddles. So different from the cat I know. She’s still biting me, but they are obvious kitty-kisses, and she’s being fairly gentle. Not too gentle, or I’d wonder what happened to my cat!

Observable Weather

The weather outside has been cold and wet. That’s not a big deal, really. I guess it got cold overnight because I saw frost on the cars before I went to bed. Maybe it was snow? I don’t know. It was dark, and the streets were dark and shiny, and I didn’t see any snow on the grass, though this morning there was snow on roofs around here.

The World

The news is a morass of terror and fear with the President having his finger on the button and running rogue operations, killing high-ranking officials of other countries without the approval of Congress. He’s always been a wild card, and if that’s who they elected, they deserve what they get. I certainly didn’t vote for him!

Our red shoes can take us through this and get us home, but we have to remember to click our heels together three times and tell ourselves “There’s no place like home.” How many of us remember to do that?

We will get through this!

Well, met, friends! 

Lots of edits to this one. Sorry for that. More and more information wanted to come out today.





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Astrology & Life Coaching with Benjamin Bernstein

Dr. Phillip Sandman

Sleep When You Need It Most

MLM Landscape Services

Residential Lawn and Garden Care Done Right!

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