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I know I’ve been missing in action. I HATE using a blockbuilder, and WordPress updated everyone to that. AND it’s mandatory. It sucks.


I’ve given up on gardening. My knees and hips are complaining too much. I also hate the muggy heat we’ve been having around here. I can’t breathe in it.

The rain flooded the garden so all my produce is contaminated. That’s another big reason I gave it up. Everything needs to be pulled out and burned.

Wearing a mask only makes it worse. So, I’m only going out for essentials and having the rest shipped in – IF I can. Otherwise, I’m doing without.

One example is my recliner.

It was the most comfortable chair in my apartment, so I sit in it a lot. It broke. It won’t recline anymore and the seat is at an angle, so I’m sitting with one hip lower than the other. I’m always leaning.

Don’t ask me how it happened, because I don’t understand. It made a noise one night and that was that.

I ordered a loveseat that was in stock. Still, 8 weeks out for delivery. Since I don’t have a car or anyone to help, I’m stuck with the 8 week timeline. Oh well, that will give me time to clear a path for the thing to enter. And I STILL have to hire help to get it from the door on the first floor to my apartment!

Medical Update:

I’m having a colonoscopy on the 13th. I’m in a high-risk category because of past polyps, so I’m having it done. I put it off for a couple of months due to the lockdown, but this is serious so I went ahead with it. Even the doc noticed I was a couple months late getting on it.

I figure the procedure is a good time to reset my diet and get serious about my weight. Even losing 100 pounds, I’ll be heavy. But that much weight loss would help my heart, knees, hips and medication levels. It will be a serious commitment. Any co-dieters want to join me? Find me on myfitnesspal as morgenmarshall531. I may not respond because I don’t always log, but you can find me there.

Currently Reading:

Ask and Tell” by Steve Estes. I’m doing character research for a gay medic in Vietnam for my story. I have “Incoming” by Larry Sanders on my Kindle reader. I also have an outstanding order for “Conduct Unbecoming” by Randy Shilts, due to be delivered on Monday.

I figure these three books will give me the background information I need for my character to be 3-D instead of 2-D. He’s a major sidekick in my Anne Riddle series.

I still need to research the Native American experience in Vietnam, so there will be more books to read.

Fiction writing is as much work as non-fiction – maybe more so. The author needs to know about more things, not just one thing. And she needs to know it well.

Spiritual Stuff:

I ran across something called “The Law of One” after asking a meditation to meet my greater spiritual self. It’s interesting material. I suggest that anyone looking to get a bigger picture of spirituality take a look at it. Read some of the “Ra Material” or watch the videos to learn about it. One video was about an hour long, but it was very informative.

Meanwhile, I’ve become a member at SuperNovaSouls.com to join up with more folks like me. The leader is AdrienneElise and she really speaks to me.

Benjamin Bernstein is interesting to follow. He’s a real guy out of Asheville who is down to earth and helpful. He does some plain-speaking astrology and some invocations (or meditations) that are good to help heal you.

Guess that’s all I care to share about right now. I’m sure there is more I could add.

Hmmp. Looking at all this, I guess I’ve been pretty busy!

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  1. Writing fiction does take a lot of work! Good luck on your weight loss and your colonoscopy results. Sorry you had to give up gardening…it is the only thing keeping me sane!

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    1. I’m starting a new week-long writing challenge with “shut up and write” this week. It seemed like a good way to spend my time writing, not just researching.


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Astrology & Life Coaching with Benjamin Bernstein

Dr. Phillip Sandman

Sleep When You Need It Most

MLM Landscape Services

Residential Lawn and Garden Care Done Right!

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