Happy Turkey Day 2019

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the U.S. Happy harvest meal to the rest of the northern latitudes. I've heard a few strange things about the holiday lately: everything from changing the name to it being racist. Whatever. It's a foodie dream, and that part's good. Eat hearty, celebrate being together, and be grateful for what... Continue Reading →

Blog Maintenance

I just cleaned up the comments section. Please do NOT include a link if you comment. There were a lot of questionable comments on the blog that I deleted. If your legitimate comment was deleted, I apologize. Comment below why your comments should be approved and not deleted.

Scorpio New Moon/Mercury Retrograde

Well, a couple of updates for you... First, the website I volunteered to help with burned down. How can that happen? The owners of the site refused to pay hosting fees and the site kept being taken offline. If a company or business isn't willing to pay for the site hosting fees and keep a... Continue Reading →


I realized I'm at a crossroads. I need to make a decision. It isn't that I don't want to go down this road, it's that I want to go down both roads. That is just not possible. There isn't enough time in the day. I've decided to take a couple of days and evaluate, write... Continue Reading →


I read a small blurb About Michael Avenatti being charged with extortion. I did not read past the headlines. I didn't need to. The move is so transparent that I have to explain it: Avenatti went after Trump for paying women off so they would keep their mouths shut and not affect the election of... Continue Reading →


Every choice Makes other choices impossible. At times, a choice is foisted upon us, whether by fate or biology. Other times, we gladly make a choice in one direction, drawn either by the promise of reward or the comfort of peace. Having children may make a certain career, education or lifestyle impossible - or more... Continue Reading →

Is it Social Media? or something else?

I don't know what's worse: Being unable to post to social media with no way to report it, or going off social media for good. I've toyed with the idea of closing my Facebook account for over a year, now. I haven't, yet, closed the account. I blacked out my profile and header pictures quite... Continue Reading →

Not Your Usual

I guess it's true that if you mess with something enough, you'll break it. Unfortunately, the writers at NCIS have broken it. I never warmed up to Torres. Tony DiNozo was a sleazey guy, but he had some class while he was being sleazy. Torres is just sleazy. He's written as a stereotypical hispanic macho... Continue Reading →

Growing Along the Path

Things are moving more slowly than I want right now. And yet, they are moving quite fast, too! My plans for the future are coming together. At the same time, I'm deepening ties to my current situation, I'm letting go in other ways. Lots of clearing of energy is happening. I like that. The deepening... Continue Reading →

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