Display Issues?

I've recently received some comments that my blog is not displaying correctly. I'm sorry for that. I reported it to WordPress. I check display and post using Chrome. I do check for other formats than PC, such as mobile and tablet. I don't see any problems. If you are having display issues, please check your... Continue Reading →

I’m back on track! YAY!!!

I made a massive haul of meats and cheeses today using my EBT benefits. I went to United Grocery Outlet and Aldi. At UGO, I spent $61, got mostly beef and ground beef, with a smattering of cheese. I also picked up 6 avocados. At Aldi, I spent $106, for mostly meats and cheeses. I... Continue Reading →

Digestive Response

I tried one of the bars in my Keto Krave box and it had Allulose in it. I can't eat Allulose. I had near-immediate (within 2 hours) digestive upset. Just needed to post that.

So, Bread…

Something isn't quite right, here. I let the bread rise for about 24 hours and it was really sticky, so I kneaded in a cup of flour. A left it for another 24-30 hours so it doubled in bulk, then I shaped it into a loaf. Again, I waited till it doubled in bulk before... Continue Reading →

Reframing Abuse

In domestic abuse, the victim goes into hiding while the perpetrator goes free. In rape, the victim is persecuted and blamed for inviting rape while the rapist is celebrated for being strong and virile. Molested children are terrorized while their abuser selects the next victim. We all go into lockdown because of a purposely leaked,... Continue Reading →

Really? Puh-Leez!

OK, I made a mis-step. I was referred to a new social media platform and I gave it a try. I even put up a quick talk about it! Not much, because I wasn't sure about it yet. Well, I tried it, and I kept getting "red flags" around it. It was feeling more and... Continue Reading →

Strange and Disturbing Dream

I just woke up from a nap. I got up early for me today and needed a nap after lunch. I had a dream. It was a doozy! I was at a friend's house watching TV and playing a board game with the kids. On the TV, Prince Charles was presiding over the London Exchange... Continue Reading →

Something’s Coming

This is a prediction. Whether I'm right or wrong will only be known after the timeframe I'm going to mention. I think there is something really big coming. Something from the Universe. Star energy, CME, Gamma Rays, -- I don't know. Maybe even an asteroid. I have no idea what it is, and I have... Continue Reading →


I haven't posted anything for a while. I've been feeling life, instead. A lot has been going on. I'm not "just" the phoenix rising from the ashes, I'm also the caterpillar changing into a butterfly. It's been intense! It started when I was born and didn't want to be here. I've never wanted to be... Continue Reading →

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