MIA & Updates

I know I've been missing in action. I HATE using a blockbuilder, and WordPress updated everyone to that. AND it's mandatory. It sucks. Updates: I've given up on gardening. My knees and hips are complaining too much. I also hate the muggy heat we've been having around here. I can't breathe in it. The rain... Continue Reading →

Looking At Ourselves Differently

What if the stigmas we carry inside about mental health, recovery, health or "hidden disease processes" were dropped? By us? All that shame and guilt about not being perfect - we can drop it. Right here, right now. How would you feel? Movies: Saw one called "Riddle" out of the UK. No real headliners in... Continue Reading →

Finished One Book, Started Another

I finally finished "Children Into Swans" and found it fascinating. There are so many clues to pre-Christian spirituality in fairy tales! I urge you to check into this topic if you are looking for history that's been appropriated. What perked my interest toward the end was the depiction of the wise woman in the woods,... Continue Reading →

What If?

What if - The universe is one big fractal? Cells are fractals. Proteins are fractals. Plants are fractals. Galaxies are fractals. Brains (human) are fractals. What if we are living in a big fractal and trying to fit our straight lines and circles into it? Doesn't that mean we are trying to fit a circle... Continue Reading →

Lovin’ the Library!

My local library lets me download e-books onto my electronic devices. I love it! I've been reading a series by author Jana DeLeon and purchasing the books as I could. However, funds are so tight, I'm stuck. Luckily, the Johnson City Public Library has the books available. I've read 2 in the series in the... Continue Reading →

What Was I Thinking??

Ay! I've been going nuts with projects! There are only so many hours in a day, after all! Writing - I joined a new writing group in Bristol, VA that I found on Meetup. I want to build my memoir and do some workshops to improve my writing. This group is new, small, and dedicated.... Continue Reading →

JCPL Visit

I went to the Johnson City Public Library to return the Mystery Writers Handbook and get some reading material for the holiday. I need to take time off the computer to let my arm and wrist rest a little bit while not watching the boob-tube all day long. Accordingly, I got out 3 books. One... Continue Reading →

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