More Maintenance and New Year Wishes

The end of one year and the beginning of the next prompts businesses to take inventory and close the books on the year for financial accounting purposes. For online folks, it means updating policies and procedures, terms of service and other legal notices to comply with incoming law worldwide. It can be daunting. I've done... Continue Reading →

What If?

What if - The universe is one big fractal? Cells are fractals. Proteins are fractals. Plants are fractals. Galaxies are fractals. Brains (human) are fractals. What if we are living in a big fractal and trying to fit our straight lines and circles into it? Doesn't that mean we are trying to fit a circle... Continue Reading →

Wrote a Story

I wrote a story last week. It started with a seed I got maybe 2 years ago that kept coming back to me. It was one that I worked on a bit to build up my descriptive text and exposition, so I was familiar with it. Well, this thing wouldn't let me alone. I've had... Continue Reading →

Dreaming and Building

I have dreams. You have dreams. We all have dreams. Just like we all love ice cream, right? Well, my dreams are to change my life. I've created a vision board for my biggest dreams. I need a ride to the car dealership so I can drive my dream car. Any offers? But seriously -... Continue Reading →

Meetup Results

I went to a programmers Meetup last night. Oh Boy! What an eye-opener that was! I was the oldest in the room and the only woman. Typical to what I was thinking about the industry. Any women out there who like to code????? Are there ANY women who like to code? Come on, ladies, let's... Continue Reading →

Life Updates and Activities

I've been eating a much cleaner Keto diet lately. I gained weight again and hit a new high. That, along with a couple of other "symptoms" got me to look at my morning FBS. After a week, it was really clear what foods were making the spikes. It's kind of like when I quit smoking... Continue Reading →


I realized I'm at a crossroads. I need to make a decision. It isn't that I don't want to go down this road, it's that I want to go down both roads. That is just not possible. There isn't enough time in the day. I've decided to take a couple of days and evaluate, write... Continue Reading →


Yep! I'm Certifiable! I'm getting all the certifications for the stuff I know about computers. It seems everyone wants to put me into jobs I DON'T want, and they are not looking at what I've learned for what I DO want. 

Well, well, well…

I received a scholarship for a course at Duke on Data Mining and what it's all about. I'm 1/4 of the way through the course, and I already have a new direction in my career. Better late than never, right? I sure hope so. So, what is this new direction you ask? Data Scientist. Yup!... Continue Reading →

In Need of Prayers

I've been quiet lately. I guess part of it is unplugging from the news cycle and popular media. And another part is that I'm healing inside. I got to go to a knitting group I enjoy yesterday. I am not a great knitter. I'm a decent crocheter, but knitting isn't my specialty. We had a... Continue Reading →

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