It's been quite a while since I wrote a post, so I figured I'd catch you up. I've been dealing with health issues, money issues, insurance issues, and life. It's all really just life. I started attending ACoA back in July 2021, I guess. The meeting folded, then was started back up. Meanwhile, I found... Continue Reading →

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I've been absent from this site for a while. I've put the time to good use. I started a neighborhood crochet group where I can teach crochet and get out of my apartment. Crochet is pretty much a singular sport, but improving techniques and finding fellowship is good for me. Hence, I started the group.... Continue Reading →

Stop the GOP Steal!

Everything Trump said the Democrats would do in 2016, he did first. He's a liar, a cheat and a thief. I know whereof I speak, because I used to be all those things. If he wants to sue me for defamation, let him try to attach my social security check, since that's my only income... Continue Reading →

Word Studies

Deceased If "Ceased" means to stop, halt or end, and "De" means to do the opposite, or remove from, then why does "deceased" mean to be dead? What if it meant we were coming alive again? Alive to the spirit?

New Offering!

I occurred to me in a private forum that folks may need this type of assistance, so I'm offering it - Past Life Regression Guided Meditation Sessions. If you would be interested in such a session, use my contact form and leave your phone number. I will call you from my (423) area code and... Continue Reading →

Chaos Imposed

Having someone's chaos imposed on me makes me crazy. I get "up in arms," I can't sleep, I ruminate on it, and I end up fixated on the insanity. My life comes to a screaming halt. As a result, I have decided that your chaos is not my problem. I cut it off as soon... Continue Reading →

Display Issues?

I've recently received some comments that my blog is not displaying correctly. I'm sorry for that. I reported it to WordPress. I check display and post using Chrome. I do check for other formats than PC, such as mobile and tablet. I don't see any problems. If you are having display issues, please check your... Continue Reading →

Melt In Your Mouth!

Those short ribs are delish!!! Fork-tender. The rub needed a little help, as it seemed to water down as they cooked. I dabbed a little G Hughe's Original on them just before I ate.

I’m back on track! YAY!!!

I made a massive haul of meats and cheeses today using my EBT benefits. I went to United Grocery Outlet and Aldi. At UGO, I spent $61, got mostly beef and ground beef, with a smattering of cheese. I also picked up 6 avocados. At Aldi, I spent $106, for mostly meats and cheeses. I... Continue Reading →

Recovering from Procedure and Ketosis

I had a colonoscopy on Thursday. The prep was bad enough, and I kept getting cold. The actual procedure seemed to go well. I still don't have pathology results, but that should be late next week. However, the recovery from the procedure has been harder than I remember from previous experiences. I wish they had... Continue Reading →

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