Something’s Coming

This is a prediction. Whether I'm right or wrong will only be known after the timeframe I'm going to mention. I think there is something really big coming. Something from the Universe. Star energy, CME, Gamma Rays, -- I don't know. Maybe even an asteroid. I have no idea what it is, and I have... Continue Reading →


I woke up this morning on the other side of the bed. Not an unusual occurance in itself, but I usually have memory of turning over and changing sides. Not only was I on the other side of the bed, my knees had shifted the pillow between them without tearing up the bed and I'd... Continue Reading →

JCPL Visit

I went to the Johnson City Public Library to return the Mystery Writers Handbook and get some reading material for the holiday. I need to take time off the computer to let my arm and wrist rest a little bit while not watching the boob-tube all day long. Accordingly, I got out 3 books. One... Continue Reading →

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