I am a fully integrated human, living a full life. I welcome you on my journey. I’ve been called an “Old Soul” and a “Beacon for the Future.” I’ve always had that view of myself, since my name means “road to tomorrow” when taken literally.

I began my journey into Women’s Studies in 1993. I was attending Western Nevada College in Carson City, NV as a math major. I had a test one night when the local arts center was putting on a workshop about women’s archetypes. I couldn’t miss the test, so I missed the workshop. But I was intrigued by the topic. I began researching women’s archetypes, and the history of patriarchy.

Over time, I returned to this theme over and over again in reading, writing, spiritual quests, work and relationship situations. It was obvious to me years ago that this was my destiny.  In the interim, I’ve read books on the topics of feminism, mythology, language derivation, occult, spirituality, religion, archeology, and history. It is my belief that women’s histroical stories are hidden in myths, fairytales and folktales, and unraveling those threads are a big part of my journey. Accordingly, my bibliography is quite extensive. I have a lifetime of reading behind me. I love the worlds that reading take me to.

I collect contemporary women’s stories about their lives. I look at the long-term and multi-generational effects of foster care, and how it affects a mother’s parenting. I am also looking for diaries, journals, letters and personal stories of LGBTQIA individuals to add to the story of humankind. The Amerinds call them “two-spirit people,” and we have little in the way of documented proof of other ethnic LGBTQIA individuals. It would be helpful to include these first-hand accounts in history books to enlarge and complete our human story.

I continue to write and research, and hope to produce a full “History of Patriarchy” in one volume within the next year or so. If a person is interested in being included in these projects, or in contributing to my history book in any way, please use the contact form on this website to let me know.

I’m an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. This affords me the opportunity to explore and share spiritual truths with those who are ready to learn. I have a problem with the word “God” as it puts spiritual contact outside of us and makes it a task we must initiate. I believe that spirit dwells within, and that once we acknowledge that part of ourselves, we become whole, instead.

I write flash fiction once a year for a month, during NaNoWriMo – (November, AKA National Novel Writing Month). I attempt a piece of fiction each day for a month, averaging 1600-2000 words a day.

On the work front, I manage Marshall Health Resources and it’s website notype2life.com, which addresses the growing epidemic of prediabetes and diabetes type 2. We work with dieticians, physicians, physical therapists, and diabetes educators to prevent diabetes type 2 from developing in insulin resistant individuals by changing their lifestyles. And their lives.










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