Is it the darkness that we feel? One small candle illuminates the darkness.¬†Shine a light on that shit! If a single candle can be seen far out in space (if that were the only light source on the planet) then your candle - however dim the light - can illuminate the closet. Go into your... Continue Reading →

Decision and Planning Diagrams

Do you know what a Venn Diagram is? It's placing circles on top of each other and seeing where and how they overlap. The meaning of each circle - or part of life/work/sports/love/spirit/whatever it covers (or even competing ideas) - tells you how they work together. How things play out. The diagram above shows this.... Continue Reading →

Growing Along the Path

Things are moving more slowly than I want right now. And yet, they are moving quite fast, too! My plans for the future are coming together. At the same time, I'm deepening ties to my current situation, I'm letting go in other ways. Lots of clearing of energy is happening. I like that. The deepening... Continue Reading →

The Wisdom of Pearls

I call this the "Wisdom of Pearls" instead of "Pearls of Wisdom" because I'm exploring how we make something valuable out of bad or tough experiences. Pearls are the response of a shellfish, particularly of the oyster family, to an irritant. The shelfish deposits nucre, a biological response mechanism like that of inflammation, around the... Continue Reading →

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