I’m back on track! YAY!!!

I made a massive haul of meats and cheeses today using my EBT benefits. I went to United Grocery Outlet and Aldi. At UGO, I spent $61, got mostly beef and ground beef, with a smattering of cheese. I also picked up 6 avocados. At Aldi, I spent $106, for mostly meats and cheeses. I... Continue Reading →


As you may have guessed, the pickles I made a couple weeks ago are kind of vinegary. I didn't dilute it enough. The flavor is otherwise pretty good! Veggie Haul I got to the Farmer's Market, and some friends shared their bounty, so I'm covered up with produce right now. I've frozen some strawberries.  I... Continue Reading →


I went to the farmer's market yesterday, hoping to make a huge haul of cucumbers to make pickles. I was only able to get 7 smaller pickles and one quart of blueberries. There were plenty of vegetables available, just not enough $$ in my pocket. I forgot my wallet! I got the blueberries drying in... Continue Reading →

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