Ewww…. OW!


(Cautionary statement – turn away if you are triggered by this stuff)

If you’ve never had them, be grateful. If you’ve had them, you know what I’m talking about.

I took diuretics for over 15 years because of hypertension, so my kidneys and bladder have had a lot thrown at them over the years. I don’t take those medications anymore, but the damage was done, and I’m healing. I figure it will be at least as long as I took them for my body to completely heal from them, so another ten years at least.

About 3-4 months, maybe a little longer ago, an article came across my desk. I read it half-heartedly at first. Then, I realized it was one of those mysterious and serendipitous things that happen when God is giving you a heads-up about something. Intuition stuff. So, I paid more attention to it and ended up doing a kidney cleanse. So far, so good.

Then, another bladder infection came by, and if you know me, you know I’ve been having trouble with those since I moved to Tennessee. I seem to get 4-5 UTIs every year. One doctor figured out it was from dehydration since I get dehydrated a lot around here.

At one point I was drinking over 100 ounces of water a day and still thirsty or dehydrated all the time. That was when my GP took me off the diuretics.

Later I had a really insightful FNP mention that I might not be emptying my bladder all the way because I go so often that it’s a drag on my daily activities so I rush.

Both tactics worked – I drink more water and pay attention so that I know if I’m not drinking enough. And I work at taking my time when I go so that I empty out completely.


That brings me to the present.

I regularly get backaches, which I attribute to higher weight and a small complication from double back surgery scarring in 1999. Apparently, that’s not all of it. I’ve been passing kidney stones for a while, and only recently did they make themselves known.

I thought I was having another bladder infection, but NO! Nunh Hunh!

Kidney stones!

A few days later I passed a particularly painful stone in the middle of the night. I knew I was in for it when it passed through the bladder. Well, it’s time for that. PAIN!

Its been two days of pain and uncomfortable feelings. I can’t sit very long or do anything really. I’m constantly running to the bathroom and no joy. And the pain is almost constant. It’s sharp, dull, achy and acute all at once and in stages. This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced. I want it to stop.


As soon as I got it through my head that it was kidney stones, I looked up what to do in my healthcare bible, “Cure for All Diseases” by Hulda Clark, MD. She gives a protocol to cleanse the kidneys (not what I did before), something for pain management, and something to break up the existing stones. I got everything.

I’m taking the stuff to break up the stones religiously. The kidney cleanse seemed too much right now, so I put that aside. I’ll take it up again after I’ve finished the protocol to break up the existing stones so that my body doesn’t make more of them right away. Age contributes to kidney stones, too, so I will probably have this issue again.

The pain relief juice is pretty high in sugar, as most fruit juices are, which is hard to handle with my other issues. I really watch any sugar or carbohydrate intake to keep below 50g a day. The 20g carb limit of KETO is hard on my budget, so I do the best I can, which has to be good enough.


I recommend reading Hulda Clark before you take anything. Everything she’s ever recommended has worked for me. There are many resources available about healing yourself and keeping out the medical offices. Once I figure out what’s going on, Dr. Clark is my go-to for treatment. Then, I look at other things.

If you are interested in getting stuff to solve your own kidney issues, Vitamin Shoppe has everything there. Look under Kidney in their search function, and the recommended protocols are there, already made up. They ship pretty much anywhere. I got my shipment in less than a week, and because I spent over $30, there was no shipping charge. And yes, they are local to me, but I couldn’t get there so I had things shipped. The prices seem fair, too. Quality, non-GMO, from organic sources, available for a reasonable price. You won’t find that just anywhere.

Also, follow Dr. Mercola on the internet. Everything he’s ever talked about has later been proven by “mainstream” medical research. He’s really smart. I first heard of HFLC diets from him when I read his book, “Fat for Fuel.” He didn’t call it Ketogenic, though. He said to ditch the margarine, and I did. I stopped using margarine and never looked back. He talked about Intermittent Fasting (IF) and High-Intensity workout strategies before anyone else.

There you have it.

An uncomfortable topic, covered with some grace (I hope) and humor.


I do not have an affiliate relationship with Vitamin Shoppe, so this recommendation is one from use, not compensated in any way.


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    1. Thank you, yes. I am better, and I had a CT-Scan today and started on antibiotics. I’m being referred to a Urologist. It’s about time, in my humble opinion.


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Astrology & Life Coaching with Benjamin Bernstein

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Residential Lawn and Garden Care Done Right!

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