Studying Hard

Yep, studying hard:

Lots of study. Data Analytics, SQL, Excel, Statistics, Python, HTML, CSS, etc.

Watching lots of Youtube videos and taking courses on Coursera and FreeCodeCamp. Yes, I know Excel, but I’m learning some of the “advanced” functions, like pivot tables, data table settings, and others. And I’m learning to apply statistics in Excel. Yes, it can be done. If I want to do Data Analytics, I need to know these things.

I have a couple more languages to learn, and some more platforms to master. This isn’t a fast thing. It’s fast, though not overnight, I guess I should say. Certainly compared to traditional venues of education, I’m speeding along fast enough for nosebleeds.

On the health front:

My doctor made a lab test that I asked for (C-Peptide) and it confirmed Insulin Resistance. Not a surprise, but it brought things to her attention, and now she’s completely on-board with Keto. She’d been questioning it, but now she recommends it.

Oh, Goody!

I’m looking at carbs like they have skull and crossbones on them, although I’m still addicted. I’m still craving them. However, I’m doing much better from Monday to today (Saturday). It’s expensive, though.

Let’s talk about that:

TaxiSomething happened in April. It affected a lot of people in Tennessee who were on a particular program. I guess someone had a bad day and pressed the wrong button. The result was that my health insurance was canceled for no good reason. A couple of weeks later it was reinstated. The damage was done, and my Medicare Advantage plan was canceled. When I was eligible again, it took a little doing to get it put back because this is June, not October. The insurance company didn’t want to re-enroll me in the plan until open-enrollment.

This issue affected easily 20,000 people in Tennessee. It’s a real mess. I happen to have an excellent insurance agent and she found a loophole and got me back on my plan.

One of my insurance benefits is rides to my doctor appointments. With my car in the shop for the next year – or whatever – (no transportation of my own) I need that benefit. When the insurance was canceled, I rescheduled my appointment – twice. I didn’t want to have to put it off another month.

As a result, from the 3rd to the 6th of this month, I spent almost $50 on cabs. The insurance provided rides weren’t available, couldn’t be guaranteed, and other nonsense. So, cabs were my option. No bus went where I needed to go.

That money comes out of my food budget:

When my food budget is less than $170 a month, Keto becomes cash-02very expensive. Take out the transportation costs, and you begin to see my dilemma. Carbs and processed foods are much less expensive. They have subsidized industries, whereas real food is not subsidized.

Unfortunately, I also needed a new glucometer. Since I don’t have diagnosed diabetes, the cost is on me. And I purchased a gift for a friend on Amazon, only to have it shipped to me, not him. That was an impulse expenditure, and I’d love to return it and get my money back. My heart is in it but my pocketbook is really thin right now.

This doesn’t leave a lot for paying on the van. I might be able to put $10 on a $1028 bill this month. Yeah, I’m in a mess.

I have to find Gratitude in all this:

Why you ask? Because only Gratitude and Surrender change the energy.  That’s a spiritual axiom. Give to clear the channel to receive. Find gratitude for the current conditions. Surrender to the will of whatever God or Deity you believe in.

In my experience, no condition or situation has ever come to an end without my becoming grateful for it being in my life. Only by that attitude adjustment is the situation or condition ready to leave and make space for what I want instead.

I know this doesn’t make a lot of sense. There was a lot of anger and frustration that I didn’t want to share.

I hope that my sharing this now doesn’t feel angry to my readers.

Yes, there is a little residual anger and frustration, but it will pass. That’s for sure – “This too shall pass.”

I wish this anger and frustration would pass a little faster.



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Astrology & Life Coaching with Benjamin Bernstein

Dr. Phillip Sandman

Sleep When You Need It Most

MLM Landscape Services

Residential Lawn and Garden Care Done Right!

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