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I guess it’s true that if you mess with something enough, you’ll break it.

Unfortunately, the writers at NCIS have broken it.

I never warmed up to Torres. Tony DiNozo was a sleazey guy, but he had some class while he was being sleazy. Torres is just sleazy. He’s written as a stereotypical hispanic macho street gang-banger and I’ve never warmed up to him. He’s overdone.

Bishop is OK, but she never developed much. They added Jack and that was OK, but different. A foil for Gibbs that was missing, and added to the show.

McGee isn’t given enough weight and depth in his new role as senior under Gibbs.

The departure of Abby was handled well and the new gal is credible, trying to fit in with a tight-knit unit.

Mallard needs to retire. Either retire or return. These pop-ins are disturbing and take away from the veracity of Palmer.

The plot last night was so breezy and trite that it had no dimension. It lacked the tension I’ve grown to love over the life of the series.

I’m a luddite when it comes to my TV. I don’t have a DVR or anything, so it’s appointment television for me with a couple of shows. NCIS has been a headliner for me for many years. I’ve refused any appointments or social engagements on Tuesday nights for a very long time.

I’m afraid that’s changing.

This season doesn’t feel the same way. It’s all the same plot.

  • We open with a crime, then fade to the NCIS office with character interactions and exposure
  • Gibbs grabs the group & they go out.
    • The meatwagon shows up, the lab geeks do their thing
  • Gibbs has a fit because something was missed or someone isn’t doing their job right.
  • Gibbs goes off the reservation or someone breaks a rule someplace to forward the investigation
    • Fun and games while they track the bad guy
  • New evidence surfaces, interrogations take place
    • Personal interactions and backstory is featured in this section, too.
  • Eventually they stumble into the solution of the case, usually done well.

Not lately. It’s so over-done that it’s dead.

Time for fresh ideas or for the series to retire. Certainly, the writers need to be replaced, at the very least. Or light a fire under them!

The creativity and interest is gone. You can see it.



Synchronicity in TV and Life

About 10pm, I turn to a local channel that features reruns from shows years ago (ME-TV, Knoxville) and avoid all the drama and late-night upset.

I usually don’t leave the TV on after Perry Mason ends, 12:30am.

However, last night I was doing something and didn’t turn it off. Twilight Zone came on, and it was the episode “Number 12 Looks Like You.”

I’ve seen this episode before, and once again, one of Rod Serling’s favorite topics – conformity and uniformity, was featured. You never see this episode unless you are meant to. I’ve looked for it for years, never finding it. anywhere.

In my personal life, I’m dealing with much the same thing. I want and am working toward a lifestyle that is different from that of my closest family. They are “manipulating”  so that I will abaondon my dreams; imposing limits on their love and support. I call it “conditional love” and typically disregard it. I must if I’m to be the me I was meant to be.

I know that their narrow vision is because they aren’t where I am spiritually, emotionally or mentally, but it still hurts that they can’t support me in my life. Where my family is involved, few of them are able to support me. Their worldview, spiritual condition and emotional matuirty are different than mine. Not better or worse, just different. This causes a lot of strife, hard feelings and judgmentalism in all of us. And yes, I’m guilty of that, too.

I judge their recovery or lack of it; I judge the way they conform and minimize their individuality for the collective. I judge that they judge me. I judge the way they spend their money and time.

I’m a rebel, and I know it. I revel in it. I’m meant ot blaze trails when others are afraid to explore. Particularly spiritual trails.

So, the message behind “Number 12” has always struck me as the manipulation of the state for comformity. It’s like being in a “re-education camp” in Siberia; being manipulated out of your own soul-journey is a terrible way to live. And it’s really terrible for the collective human journey in the long run.



So, popular media, social media, and our culture can be used as a backdrop for a lot of things that form and inform us.

I find synchronicity in things all the time: like the “Number 12” story coming on right now.  Like the pharmacy bill being $22.22 (keep faith in the guidance of angels), or the clock reading 5:55 all the time (change is coming).

Yeah, stuff like that.




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Astrology & Life Coaching with Benjamin Bernstein

Dr. Phillip Sandman

Sleep When You Need It Most

MLM Landscape Services

Residential Lawn and Garden Care Done Right!

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