Great Season’s Ghost!

Happy Samhein!

Yes, it’s that time of year, when the veil is thin and spirits of the ancestors come to give their assistance and advice to all of us.

We need to be open enough to hear them. How can we be open?

  • Take a moment to center yourself in your chair as you read this. Be sure your feet are on the flat on the floor and your legs are uncrossed. If anything IS crossed, uncross it.
  • Take a deep breath. In through your nose and out through your mouth. It can help to silently count 7 as you breathe in and 10 as you breathe out. Take another breath. And a third.
  • Now, close your eyes and tell your thoughts to be quiet. You can do it. If a stray something comes across your mind, notice it and go back to your inner silence.
  • Keep breathing.
  • Sit like this for at least a 5 minute stretch.

Now, listen to the quiet voices, the whispers in your ears. Not your mind, not your head, but your ears.

There may be instructions. There may only be your name spoken as a caress.

I often get “tones” in my ears. Not quite a “ringing” as I get from high blood pressure, but a real tone, like a radio tuned to some strange station. The tone comes in high and loud and then deepens in pitch and raises in volume, then quiets down again and fades to nothing.

I call these tones “downloads” or “incoming messages” from my spirit guides. We all get them and rarely notice. I happen to have exceptional hearing in the high frequency range. I have always been able to hear those high frequencies that go to radio and TV sets, silent alarms, and such. So hearing the frequency of the spirit world is a small step.

After about 5 more minutes, open your eyes and think about your experience. Did anything come to you? Write about it. Even if you don’t know what you were told or who came to visit, you got something you wouldn’t get any other way.

That’s all there is to it. We could get all new-age-y and light a candle, sit in the dark and so on, but we don’t need to. This is really a simple exercise.

Just listen. Then write.


Hallowe’en is associated with harvest festivals in old times. We celebrate all the hard work and the good harvest. We have a party. We have a festival. We make merry.

If you want to celebrate Samhein with others, go for it! I’ve been to loud parties, costume balls, trick-or-treating and trunk-or-treat events.

As times change, we change.

All ways of celebration are valid. These days, I like a quiet ceremony where I light a candle, invite the ancestors to speak and go about my business for a few hours. I leave the candle burning from dusk till I go to bed. That’s as simple as it gets. No “fru-fru” about it. No frills. No glamour.

I allow my ancestors to speak, and I remain as open as I can through the evening.  I sleep deep and wake refreshed.

What Not to Do?

One thing I don’t do, is go online. It breaks the spell. I can watch some TV as long as I don’t turn on the news.

No news, no online, no social media. Stay centered, not pulled this way or that.

Anything that pulls me from my center is not good for me. I may write a few paragraphs in my journal, or attempt a little poetry or prose. I may crochet till my fingers are sore, as I have been doing lately. I may go sew a little or prepare another project for completion.

I won’t start something new.

Not tonight,  not on Samhein. This is a night for completions, in-processes, and preparations. But nothing new.

If it can’t be finished tonight, I won’t write a new piece.

I won’t even edit a piece tonight.

My mind will be pulled by this and that as the ancestors put in their 2 cents, so I’ll stay away from editing.

Other Ideas

Today is also called “All Hallow’s Eve” so tomorrow is “All Hallows Day” which means the ancestors walk among us.forest sanctuary

Allow this time of year to fill you with wonder.

Be on watch for the unforseen.

The unexpected. Meditate on the deeper meanings of the Tower and the Wheel of Fortune cards. It wouldn’t hurt to include the Moon card in the grouping. This isn’t a reading, it’s a meditation. Notice all the little things on the card face. Notice what’s missing.

Eat some cake.

It’s a day and time for sugary desserts. Make it one piece of the most delicious cake you can get. Buttery, sweet, moist, and smothered with frosting. So sickly sweet that your mouth waters as you cut a piece with your fork.

Leave milk out for the sprites.

A dish of milk or cream for the sprites guarantees that things won’t go missing over the next season. Keys will stay where you can find them, socks won’t be lost in the dryer, and coins won’t end up in the couch. More importantly, friends won’t turn away from us.


Blessed Be!



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MLM Kitchen Painting

I paint kitchens. ONLY kitchens.


Astrology & Life Coaching with Benjamin Bernstein

Dr. Phillip Sandman

Sleep When You Need It Most

MLM Landscape Services

Residential Lawn and Garden Care Done Right!

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